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About US


Welcome to Wild Meadows Bengals! We are a family of four that has been breeding Bengal cats since 2009. For six years we were known as LakeLeopardz Bengals considering we lived only one mile from Lake Erie. We then moved to the country to accommodate the desire we had to live the beautiful life that the Lord intended for us and started a farm on seven acres. It was only fitting to change our cattery name to reflect our new lifestyle!

All of our animals are raised in our home with constant love and attention. My husband and I, along with our two teenage children have been there for the past twelve years helping to raise each kitten from their first breath until the moment they become part of your family. We believe Bengals should be raised alongside many other animals in order to give you the exceptional kitten of your dreams. Socialization is key - and here we can absolutely guarantee that! We also strive to only produce the healthiest of animals. By living a mostly homeopathic lifestyle, we have created a beautiful living environment not only for ourselves, but our furry and feathered children as well.

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